Denise Wawrzyniak

Strong brand and creative leader • Strategic forward thinker • Collaborative team builder.

ENA Annual Report 2015/16
2017 GDUSA Magazine's American Inhouse Design Award Winner. The report's theme was "collaboration." Appropriate for ENA and for the photography throughout this report. I was fortunate to collaborate with such talent.
Lantern Award Redesign
ENA's prestigious "Lantern Award," needed a serious visual overhaul. Florence Nightingale, known for the lantern she carried as she went into the night helping patients, was central to the award's identity. Keeping this key concept, I redesigned the logo to take the shape of a lantern. Update the typography and freshen up color palette and the brand has a modern feel. Florence may have lived during the Victorian era, but the Lantern Award no longer does.
ENA Website Redesign
ENA's website needed an overhaul. An outside firm was hired to improve the UX, but their design looked very purply and flat (not in a good way!) Custom icons, an expanded color palette, and subtle textures broke up the sea of purple and provided some much needed dimension.
Emergency Nursing 2017
The 2017 Emergency Nursing Conference was held in St. Louis, MO. What's St. Louis without that famous arch. I wanted to incorporate it, but in a nontraditional way. I drew a low poly arch, added a geometric background and used a pop of bright green for call-out and directional elements. Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis!
Exhibit Hall Directional Floor Clings
Way, way back... in the far corner of the exhibit hall, sat ENA Way. An area that housed ENA's Marketplace, Foundation and Learn. These floor clings were designed to entertain and lead attendees back to the space. I was responsible for both copyrighting and design. This was a fun project that allowed me to get creative with copy and visuals.
Emergency Nursing 2017 Engagement Walls
Emergency nurses are the rock stars in any hospital and I wanted to give them a way to show off just how special they are. One large angel wing wall, because emergency nurses are "angels in disguise." Plus a large engagement cube for attendees to write on and snap their own selfies to share. Don't forget to hashtag that!
American Brain Tumor Association Medical Illustrations
Vision Magazine Redesign
"Vision," Loyola's philanthropy magazine, needed a look that make donors proud. Using Loyola's branded fonts, styled a modern masthead and developed a flexible grid for articles. I kept the Loyola signature burgundy and gold of course, but added some fresh colors to set the magazine apart.
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